My name is Jess and I’m the founder and designer maker at Klès.
My aim with this blog is to publish monthly articles about Klès and about me as a designer maker and independent creative business owner.
I will also write about other subjects I hope you will find interesting, such as other designers & brands I like, the fashion industry and sustainability.
I am French, English is not my mother tongue, so please forgive me if my articles are not always written in proper English
Thanks for reading,


Klès designer maker Jessica Gomez next to a mannequin in her lockdown home studio

Working from home as a designer maker during lockdown

We are week 836 of the UK lockdown (week 7 really, but it seems way longer) and the past 2 weeks have been particularly difficult for me. I’m working from home (again) and the problem is that I struggle with being alone all day and I can’t easily get into “work mode” when I’m at home. I tend to do things that are not important (and not challenging) instead of what I should really be doing - plus I always think I can squeeze in a few house cleaning tasks and still have a productive work day. Let me tell...

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Craft Kits Blog cover image

Craft kits to keep busy during the lockdown

This is now the 3rd week of lockdown in the UK, I imagine most of us would have watched everything on Netflix by now. I did. If like me you are bored and want to learn a new craft, you might like my selection of craft kits. They all have cool designs and they are made by small independent businesses, mostly based in Bristol or nearby. If you ever wanted to learn a new craft, there is no better time than now, so let’s get started!   Whole Punching Sara, the owner of Whole Punching, makes original punch needle kits...

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"Independent brands you will love" written on a light background

Independent brands you will love

In the past few weeks I’ve been amazed by the support given to small businesses and designer makers. Not only people try to buy more from them than from big retailers, but small business owners are also helping other small business owners by sharing and recommending them. It’s my turn today to talk about my favourite fellow designer makers, independent fashion designers and small brands. I’m now based in Bristol, so I’ve decided to include mostly Bristol-based designers. I feel that sometimes it is harder to be seen when you’re not based in London, so I’m very happy to promote...

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New studio space

New studio

So I moved to a new working space last week, I couldn't have chosen a worse time, I know. The thing is, I had already reserved and paid for the space, I couldn't back up, and I really needed to move to a new space. I also really wanted this new studio, it’s such a great place to work in, and things will get back to normal, it will take some time, but it will. I had been working from home for the last year, since we moved to Bristol to our new house. I worked from the spare bedroom,...

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ORIANA leather bag

How to choose a handbag that will last

A handbag is considered a wardrobe investment by most women. This is not surprising when considering their cost and the effect they have on an outfit. In my opinion, but this might be because I’m a handbag designer, a handbag is what gives the finishing touch to an outfit; shoes do too by the way. 
Take a great outfit, add a low quality handbag and the whole outfit will be ruined. On the other hand, a good handbag can completely elevate an outfit. Have you ever noticed this? I personally always loved good quality handbags and shoes. I’d rather own...

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Etsy HQ Visit Contest winner

Etsy HQ Visit Contest winner

A few weeks ago, I took part in the Instagram contest #EtsyHQVisitContest for Etsy sellers. The rules were simple, participants just needed to answer the question “Why you sell on Etsy?”. As soon as I heard of this contest, I was very excited because the prize was fantastic: a trip to New York for a day of workshops at Etsy HQ! I always dreamed to go to New York, but I never had the occasion. Could THIS be the occasion? Visiting Etsy HQ and meeting the Etsy team I’m sometimes in contact with would also be so much fun!  My...

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