Craft kits to keep busy during the lockdown

This is now the 3rd week of lockdown in the UK, I imagine most of us would have watched everything on Netflix by now. I did.

If like me you are bored and want to learn a new craft, you might like my selection of craft kits. They all have cool designs and they are made by small independent businesses, mostly based in Bristol or nearby.

If you ever wanted to learn a new craft, there is no better time than now, so let’s get started!


Whole Punching

Whole Punching - punch needle kits

Sara, the owner of Whole Punching, makes original punch needle kits with a beautiful colour palette. Her kits not only will keep you occupied and de-stress you, they will also look great in your house!


Bon Bon Stitch

Bon bon Stitch - needlepoint kit

Jess, owner of Bon Bon Stitch, is revolutionising needlepoint with fun and colourful designs.
Her needlepoint kits are definitely not your granny’s old needlepoint and once completed you can 
proudly display them in your home.


Stitching Me Softly

Stitching Me Softly - crochet kits

Emma who runs Stitching Me Softly makes necklace and basket crochet kits. Her products show that crochet can be a modern craft.
Her kits will not only keep you busy during the lockdown, they will also accessorise your wardrobe and home in style.


Stitch Happy

Stitch Happy - embroidery kits

Louisa, founder of Stitch Happy, creates beautiful modern embroidery kits.
Her original designs include a tattooed woman and retro daisies, my two favourite kits of hers.


Hazel & Blue

Hazel & Blue - candle making kit

Hazel & Blue is a small candle business based in Bath. Their candles and kits are beautifully packaged and they smell divine.
I discovered this brand in the Small & Mighty Conversations podcast (that I strongly recommend if you are a small business owner or want to start your business) and I’ve been a big fan since then.

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