Etsy HQ Visit Contest winner

A few weeks ago, I took part in the Instagram contest #EtsyHQVisitContest for Etsy sellers. The rules were simple, participants just needed to answer the question “Why you sell on Etsy?”.

As soon as I heard of this contest, I was very excited because the prize was fantastic: a trip to New York for a day of workshops at Etsy HQ!

I always dreamed to go to New York, but I never had the occasion.
Could THIS be the occasion?
Visiting Etsy HQ and meeting the Etsy team I’m sometimes in contact with would also be so much fun! 
Etsy HQ
My entry for this contest was my first proper selfie published on the Klès Instagram account, along with this text:
“The crossed fingers in the photo are for the #EtsyHQVisitContest I’m taking part in, which consists in explaining why I sell on Etsy.
Etsy is very special to me because THEY inspired me to start Klès. It is Etsy that made me realise I could be a designer maker and live from my passion. Before discovering Etsy I believed that a lot of money and several members of staff were necessary to start a fashion brand. Etsy showed me I could do it by myself with limited investment.
Etsy are also amazing at promoting their sellers and have been particularly good to Klès over the years. My products were featured in online magazines, I was featured in an article on the Etsy blog and I was finalist in the EtsyDesignAwards 2019; these were fantastic boosts for Klès!
Other reasons why I sell on Etsy are: low fees compared to other marketplaces and a great community of sellers.
I hope I will be one of the 8 lucky winners who will be sent to Etsy HQ in Brooklyn, it would be an absolute dream!!! 🤞🤞🤞”
Instagram post Etsy HQ Visit Contest
Let me highlight the fact that before that post, I had always been scared of posting a photo of me on my business Insta. The fact that I didn't hesitate to post a selfie for this challenge is saying something about my motivation to win this prize :D

I received the news a few days ago: I’m one of the eight lucky winners!!! I’m going to Brooklyn!

The trip has been delayed to the second half of the year because of the current virus situation.
Stay tuned for the post about this trip. In the mean time, you can visit my Etsy Shop KlesOfficial.

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