Independent brands you will love

In the past few weeks I’ve been amazed by the support given to small businesses and designer makers.
Not only people try to buy more from them than from big retailers, but small business owners are also helping other small business owners by sharing and recommending them.

It’s my turn today to talk about my favourite fellow designer makers, independent fashion designers and small brands.

I’m now based in Bristol, so I’ve decided to include mostly Bristol-based designers. I feel that sometimes it is harder to be seen when you’re not based in London, so I’m very happy to promote small creative businesses from my new city.

There are so many independent brands that I like, I won’t be able to list them all, so I will list the ones that I think you might like if you like Klès.



Amber Hards

Amber Hards

Amber Hards is a Bristol based knitwear designer. She makes her beautiful products herself with old school knitting machines! You should check her Instagram, there are videos of her using the knitting machines, I love watching these. 

Amber makes all sorts of garments and accessories, but my favourite is the Joan jumper. Her creations are made of lambswool, the quality is fantastic and I love the minimalist style.
Her designs go so well with my handbags, I definitely need to get myself one of her jumpers.



Ottowin Boots

Ottowin are also based in Bristol, they make and sell their own shoes in a beautiful shop on Gloucester Road. They also sell other brands, but I will only write about their shoes here.
Since hearing about them a few weeks ago, I've been wanting to buy a pair of their handcrafted shoes, they are simply beautiful and full of character.
They also use the same sustainable leather I use for my bags, even better!



Rosa Pietsch

Rosa Pietsch star earrings

Rosa Pietsch - I discovered Rosa’s beautiful jewellery at the Bristol Etsy Popup Shop last December and I immediately fell in love with her designs.
I particularly like her star collection and her Flame Heart limited edition earrings.
I am now sharing a studio space with her at In Bristol Studio, it will be hard not to buy all her beautiful jewellery!



ROO - heart necklace

Roo -  This brand has a strong visual identity that shows both in their products and imagery. I love the ancient roman inspired collections and my favourite pieces are the wooden hoop earrings and the Ex Voto Brass Necklace.



Moon Fire Clay

Moon Fire Clay - Head pot

Moon Fire Clay - Rhea, the ceramic artist behind Moon Fire Clay, creates one of a kind head pots and other hand-crafted wonders inspired by nature.
I love the natural style of her creations and how they seem to make one with the flowers they contain.
She also happens to be my friend and one of people that made me discover the fantastic city of Bristol :) 



Tipstudio - Jesmonite vessel

Tipstudio is the only business on this list that is not based in Bristol.
I wanted to include them because I really love their designs and I think that if you like my painted bags, you will love Tipstudio, especially the black and white pieces.



Wild Grove

Wild Grove handmade soap

Wild Grove is a Bristol-based handmade soap and cosmetic brand.
I absolutely love the scents of their products, the fragrances are very original and sophisticated.
You have to try their soaps and shampoo bars, they are seriously addictive!


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