New studio

So I moved to a new work space last week. I couldn't have chosen a worse time, I know. The thing is, I had already reserved and paid for the space, so I couldn't back up, and I really needed to move to a larger space. I also really wanted this  studio, it’s such a great place to work, and things will get back to normal, it will take some time, but it will!

I had been working from home for the last year, since we moved to Bristol to our new house. I worked from the spare bedroom, which is also a music studio for my other half, a storage room and a guest room. That a lot for an average size bedroom!
I’m a bag maker, this type of activity takes A LOT of space, so had to move, despite the current virus situation and the economic uncertainty.

At the moment I can still work from my new studio. I walk there and the building is very spacious, with very high ceilings, and there are not many of us in this part of the building (it’s in a different building from the main studio), so I think the risk of Covid contamination is low.


Studio space before moving in

My studio is at In Bristol Studio in Barton Hill (east Bristol). I share my unit with Rosa Pietsch, a very talented jewellery designer maker. She is also very nice, which is a big plus! Our unit is very large, so it feels like we both have our own space (it is also safer at the moment).

My unit is in a different building than the rest of In Bristol Studio. The units are much larger here, and there are a lot less of us. 
I haven't had the occasion to spend time in the main studio building, but when things go back to normal, I’ll be able to use the shared equipment and meet everyone. 
For now, I stay only in our part of the studio. The other residents I met so far are all very nice and I was told that people often collaborate and share their skills, which is exactly the type of community I was looking for.


New Klès studio - just moved in


The new studio has skylight windows, so it is very bright and it is fantastic to take photos. I don’t have to go outside anymore to photograph my products, this is truly life changing!
The studio is not heated, so it is cold, and I’m very sensitive to cold, so I came up with some strategies.
I work standing now, and I find it really works to stay warm. I wear warm clothes obviously (lots of layers) and every 2 to 3 hours I make sure I go out for a 5min walk to warm up. I’ve been fine so far with these techniques :)

I originally wanted a heated work space, but the vast majority of artists and makers studios aren't heated, so I had to make this compromise.

This new studio is everything else I wanted: walking distance from home (40 minutes walk, meaning I don't need to go to the gym, woohoo!), good natural light to take pictures, affordable, spacious, great community).

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