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FREE UK SHIPPING + 10% OFF your first order with code FIRST10

Product info


Making process

Each Klès product is handmade to order by designer maker Jessica Gomez. Handcrafted and Made in England, our accessories are made in small quantities and are of the best quality.



Our leather accessories are mostly made of Italian and Belgian vegetable tanned leather. This leather is tanned with an old age technique that uses natural ingredients. This leather is more environmentally friendly than the more common “chrome” leather as it doesn’t produce toxic wastewater.
Vegetable tanned leather, if taken care of and nourished regularly will last a lifetime. This leather ages beautifully and with time a beautiful patina will develop, making each product truly unique.
We purchase our leathers exclusively in the UK.

We only use cow leather that is a by-product of the meat industry. No animals are killed solely for their skin.
We believe vegetable tanned leather is a more eco-friendly option than synthetic leathers (also called vegan leather) made of PVC and polyurethane (plastic) from the petrochemical industry.



Over time our natural leathers will change, responding to their environment, from exposure to sun, humidity, oils from your skin and friction.
A patina will develop progressively every time the item is used. It will darken and will be "marked" by the buildup of oils from your skin, drops of water (e.g. rain), sunlight and repeated friction.
This process can't be avoided and it should be welcomed, it is a sign of quality and makes each bag special.


Hand stitching

All our leather items are hand sewn. Hand stitches give leather goods much more strength and durability than sewing machine stitches. A hand sewn bag is also easier to repair. 

 Hand-stitching tools